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Product, Brand, Strategy, Communications and Distribution are the key ingredients of the rich cocktail called Marketing. Traditionally, Marketing is viewed as what lies between the product and the marketplace. It may be true, but there is more to it.

We rather believe that Everything starts with a great product. A great product has the power to make the brand and to make the revenue stream.

Think about Guinness, think about Coca Cola. Great brands, both created by a great and unique product.

Once you have built the brand, when you develop new great products, it comes much easier to market your products and sell them.

However, it takes an average 15 years to build a brand. And just one day to destroy it - with a wrong decision, or with a bad product -. There are some notable exceptions to the former rule, especially in recent times some companies have successfully built their brand in a very short time - 3-5 years.

The Brand is a precious asset. And has to be guarded as a treasure.
The Brand is one of the key assets in marketing.

A great product is a great place to start.
But a great product is never enough.

A great product needs a great marketing strategy, a great communications plan, a widespread and proper level distribution network, a well set price tag.

If you have developed a great product but nobody knows it exists, you will not sell it.
If you have developed a great product and you have a great communications campaign, but there are no points of sale, no place where hungry potential customers may purchase it, you will not sell it.

This is why a well and thoroughly planned marketing strategy is needed. Well conceived, well planned and perfectly implemented. And you need to constantly monitor the results and make adjustments if required to improve results.

Each product, each brand, each company needs a different kind of marketing approach and a different marketing strategy. There is no "one good for all" solution. This is why a custom tailored strategy and a specific approach is required for each brand and each product to reach the targeted objective.

This is our strength.
This is what we provide.

Highly tailored marketing strategies have to be put in place for each product, considering the pluses of the product, the marketplace actual situation, the specific target segment of the market, the costumers wants, the distribution network, the competing products, quality/price ratios and price tags.

A powerful marketing strategy is a rich blend of a great product, with great pluses, brand value, brand philosophy and brand image, great communications, a widespread, well suited and well organized distribution network.

The pluses of a product typically lie in one or more of these categories: superior technology, great style, attractive lifestyle communication, uniqueness, superior functionality, optimal quality/price ratio - or high price if exclusivity is part of the product/brand/corporate communication package - think about the Luxury industry, think about the Fashion industry - Gucci, Versace, Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior, Armani - not to mention again Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini in the luxury segments of the automotive industry.

To have an overview on winning Marketing Strategy you may consider these analyses on the unique case of Ferrari, the Marketing Strategy of Google and its highly innovative business model, the highly successful cases of Apple on the iPod and the iPhone, and on Marketing in the Music Industry:

Marketing strategy is essential and every single case has to be carefully considered and individually tailored. Sometimes - as in the cited Ferrari case and in the Music industry case - the best marketing strategy is what appears to be a "no marketing" strategy. In reality, is simply a different kind of marketing strategy, more refined, crafted at a higher level.
And this is one of the aspects in which we advise and assist our clients.

What we have written in the previous paragraph holds true for many high level products, for quality wine, sailing yachts, luxury products, holds true for high segment technology products, holds true for the fashion industry.

Mass marketing works only for mass products and average costumers. And we are not interested and we do not work with mass products. The world of today is flourishing with niche products, many of them are excellent products. Niche products are highly rewarding. Considering market segmentation and the individual specific niches is extremely important.

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