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Apple Marketing Strategy
Where would Ferrari be, without Formula 1?
Why no other automotive brand in the world enjoys such a magic allure?
How do the synergies between Ferrari road cars production and Formula 1 sport activity work?

Which are the secrets of Ferrari magic formula?
In 2003 Apple shares were at $7.
In 2007 Apple shares surged to $180.
In 2012 they reached the $680 mark, and market capitalization topped $500 billion,
overtaking giants like Microsoft, IBM, Exxon and Shell.
In 2012 and 2013 Apple enjoyed the status of the highest market capitalization company in Wall St.

Apple has sold 500 million iPhones, 200 million iPads and 700 million iPods.

Which are the secrets of Apple astounding success?
How did Google succeed in building a worldwide brand from nothing, in just a handful of years?
Which are the secrets of Google unconventional business model?
How was Google able to reach a capitalization of over $350 billion,
with such limited results in terms of revenues and profits?

How was Google able to win out all its competitors - Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista,
Excite, Infoseek - in the years between 1998-2001,
when Google was a young, small company with just 20 employees?

Was it just thanks to an algorithm?
Or did Google succeed due to the essential user interface,
a completely different choice from the cluttered user interfaces of its competitors?

or something else?

In our Analysis section you will find the answers.
The secrets of Apple

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