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Ferrari Marketing Strategy

Where would Ferrari be, without Formula 1?
Why no other automotive brand in the world
enjoys such a magic allure?
How do the synergies between Ferrari road cars production
and Formula 1 sport activity work?

Which are the secrets of Ferrari magic formula?


Ferrari is a myth and a legend in the automotive industry.
The Ferrari tale is one of an astounding and unique worldwide success.

An unparalleled one.

Ferrari success cannot be measured in terms of revenues and sales, or in terms of market capitalization. Ferrari never made an IPO and is not even quoted in any stock exchange market. Ferrari success has to be measured only in terms of Brand Value and Product Value.

Probably the Ferrari brand is worth more than the Google brand, the Apple brand, Nike, GE, IBM, BMW, Mercedes, Exxon, Shell, or any other brand.
No other brand has the allure of the Ferrari Brand.

Ferrari is known and is highly valued everywhere in the world. From the US to Japan, from Germany and Switzerland to India, to France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil and Argentina.

Yet, Ferrari never spent a penny in advertisement.

Ferrari Achievement.

The Ferrari case is of maximum interest in marketing strategy. To understand how Ferrari achieved this stunning result, we must review the beginning of Ferrari, and its development.

Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari back in 1943, during WW II. The first Ferrari premises were bombed and heavily damaged.
Enzo Ferrari was not an Engineer, nor he was an enterpreneur. Enzo Ferrari never went to college, not even high school, no PhD, never made and MBA.

Enzo Ferrari was "just" a mechanic at Alfa Romeo, with a strong passion for engines, speed and racing. He was a tough guy, and he had his own ideas on engines and cars.

Passion has always been the "drive" of Ferrari.
And its only marketing tool.

Ferrari Passion.

The first Ferrari car was the 125 S. It was built in1947. Only 3 of them were produced. None survived to our days, yet a 125 S engine is on display in Galleria Ferrari in Maranello, Ferrari dynamic museum. Galleria Ferrari is the Louvre, the Guggenheim, the Moma of Car Racing. You feel the thrill, an overwhelming excitement and admiration when you are inside. A unique, amazing experience.

After the 125 S, the Ferrari 166 came, and the races. Formula 1 was not even existing at that time.
Since the beginning Ferrari was doing both things it still does today: Car Racing and constructing extraordinary sports cars for exacting car and speed lovers. How can you call them just clients?

This has been the marketing strategy of Ferrari. The unaware, unstudied, unplanned marketing strategy of Ferrari. The Passion for speed, the Passion for engines, the Passion for Car Racing. And this Passion and excitement goes through to every racing sport lover all around the world.

And this Passion and excitement goes through in each Ferrari 360 Modena, in each Ferrari Enzo, in each 575 Maranello, in each F430 you drive or simply encounter in the streets. Winning races, losing races, fiercely fighting in car racing has built the brand.

Ferrari Main Markets.

In 2003 Ferrari sold 4300 sports cars.
The Ferrari geographic market distribution was:

US and Canada 30%
Germany 14%
UK 11%
Italy 10%
Switzerland 6%
France 5%
Japan 5%
Australia 2%

In 2007 Ferrari sold 6400 sports cars.
The Ferrari geographic market distribution was:

US and Canada 28%
Germany 12%
Italy 12%
UK 11%
France 5%
Switzerland 5%
Japan 5%
China 2%
Australia 2%
Russia 1%

Ferrari sales worldwide

year units
2007 6400
2006 5600
2005 5400
2004 4850
2003 4240
2002 4240
2001 4290
2000 4070
1999 3770
1998 3640
1997 3580
1996 3310
1995 3300
1994 2790
1993 2340

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Yes the Ferrari waiting list is 18 months long.


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