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The Digital and Interactive Media have opened a whole range of new opportunities.

The question is:
are these opportunities thoroughly exploited?

From e-business to Virtual Reality, from video streaming to rich media user experience, to totally new and highly successful business models.

The Digital and Interactive Media give companies the opportunity of communicating their product value to their costumers base, and to potential costumers in a compelling and exciting way that no other media is able to provide and that was not possible before Digital Media existed.
The current widespread diffusion of broadband connections, up to 512 Mbps, widens even more the opportunities given by the Digital and Interactive Media.

Even today, the majority of the companies in the US and in Europe do not grab more than 20% of the opportunities the Digital Media are able to provide. We can give hundreds of examples to our claim.

Digital Media are not restricted simply to corporate communications internet websites, e-business, dvd roms, cd roms. The Digital and Interactive Media are able to do much more than that.
Besides the examples of what Google, YouTube, Amazon and Apple have done through the Digital Media, we give some examples of what the Digital Media can do in the paragraphs below.

We believe that the Digital and Interactive Media should be considered as the central pivot of the marketing and communications activities of a company.

The central concept that we prefer in the Digital and Interactive Media is the "Online Communications Hub" concept. But this is just the beginning. What follows and complements it is a comprehensive and well planned Cross Media approach, rich media user experience, Virtual Reality, streaming video, multimedia content, e-business, according to the specific communication needs..

The Online Communications Hub needs to be carefully tailored according to the communications strategy, to the product pluses, to the company mission and to its corporate identity. And needs to be compelling and enticing.

Imagine that you are the CEO or the Vice President of Marketing of a renowned Fashion company. Imagine that you can show, in real time, your complete spring-summer collection of your garments and accessories - bags, jewelry, timepieces to your existing or potential costumers in a compelling, refined and enticing way.

You show them your collection in 3D, not only though a static image. you show them in streaming the video of your latest presentation of your collection in Paris, on full screen, an event of just 5 days ago, or even live as it happens. You create the event.

And everything may happen on your Online Communications Hub. And may be seen all over the world, in New York, in Tokyo, in Paris, in London, in Sydney, in Firenze.

You enchant your costumers, you entice their interest and curiosity, and you bring them to their nearest store that they find in 5 seconds on the Store Locator on your Online Communications Hub. At your store they look and try the skirts, dresses and suits they just saw through your Online Communications Hub yesterday. Or 2 hours ago. They like them and they buy them.

And next season, six months after, you can show in the same way your complete new fall-winter collection, the video of the collection presentation in Firenze and over again.

You can even build your own personal Television channel on the web.

Imagine that you are the CEO or the Vice President of Marketing of one of the best manufacturers of luxury Sailing Yachts in the world. Imagine that you can show, on your Online Communications Hub, your 72' jewel, a $3 million cruiser yacht to a sailing passionate Executive.

You show him the refined interiors in burma teak, in mahogany, in cherry wood. All handcrafted by your dedicated artisans. You explain the hull construction technology, which no other manufacturer can match, using carbon fibers and kevlar, you show the engineering process behind the design, using Finite Element Analysis. You show him the sailing performance of your yacht, with the different wind conditions, windward and leeward, with different wind speeds.

Imagine that your potential costumer can enjoy all this in a compelling and exciting Interactive Yacht presentation on your Online Communications Hub.

You show him in streaming the video of your 72' in windward navigation with a 23 knots wind. He can feel the emotion of sailing your yacht, the waves, even imagine the wind on his face. Then the veer and riding leeward. You show him the modular, custom design to suit his needs - the cockpit, the option of one or two steering wheels, the possible different choices of rigging, winches, mast, mainsail and genoa.

Everything we described can be done on your Online Communications Hub. And can be seen by sailing passionate Executives from all over the world, from San Francisco, from San Diego, from New Zealand, from Brittany, from Annapolis, from Portofino, from Porto Cervo, from Seattle.

You enchant your potential client, you entice his interest and grow his desire of sailing your yacht, of possessing her. He finds his nearest yacht broker in 3 seconds on the Broker Locator on your Online Communications Hub, fills a quick form in 20 seconds. The yacht broker and your VP of Sales receive the email that the contact form has generated, your broker reads it and sets an appointment for a meeting.
Then, it will be up to your broker to finalize the order...

These are compelling examples of what the Digital and Interactive Media can do for you when they are part of a comprehensive, well designed and well crafted Cross Media Marketing Strategy.

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