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Communication is a key opportunity of your marketing strategy. Communication is the instrument to tell the value of your brand to your customers. The instrument to tell the pluses of your product to your customers base and to new potential customers.

Communications determine if your product will sell or won't.

Communications is everything. From your product design and style, to its packaging, to the television ads you broadcast to underline your product pluses, to the magazine ads, and more.

One key point you must closely guard in your communications is consistency and coherence. Whichever media you use, whichever channel you send your message through, your message, your corporate identity, has to be clear and consistent through all the media. From the style to the graphics to the wordings. If you send confusing messages to your customers, your customers will get confused about your company, will get confused about your product. And you will not sell.

Guinness Communications.

A brilliant communication example is Guinness.
Their packaging - the can of draught stout beer - directly recalls the product. The dark brown of the body, the cream color of the froth the Guinness beer forms when you pour it in your glass.
And their communications campaigns have always been successful, very soft, friendly, smart, never aggressive, always indirect, alluring, and with an absolute coherence with the corporate style and colors: from "Guinness is good for you", to the quasi buddhist "Good things come to those who wait" - referring to the two minutes wait - or, to be precise, 119.5 seconds - the pouring process of the Guinness requires in your pub.

Apple Communications.

We firmly believe that aggressive communications becomes annoying and obtrusive, and it does not pay off. We rather believe in smart and alluring, enticing communications. This is why companies like Apple and Google are so successful. This is what Apple has always done. With their Mac computers, with the iPod, and now with the iPhone. We are talking about the brochures, about the Tv ads, but we are talking also about the product packaging, and about the product itself. The slick and minimalist design of the iPod, the smart and beautiful iPhone user interface are smart communication examples. And they all talk not only about the product value, they talk also about the Value of the Brand.
In general Tv ads are very often annoying and intrusive. You never get bored with Apple ads, because they always compelling and often ironic.

Another key word is: avoid overexposure. This is a gross mistake very often done in communication campaigns, especially with Tv ads. The result is that, instead of getting your customers excited and interested about your product, you get them bored and annoyed about you.

Communication Channels.

In Communications there are several channels available.

In a communication plan the typical communications channels are the digital media - the internet, dvd roms, cd roms - and the traditional media - tv ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, radio.

According to Forrester Research, 50% of the communications budget goes wasted. Several VP's of Marketing we spoke with, privately ammitted that in some cases the wasted budget amounts even to 70% of the total budget.

This happens because usually the communications budget goes in a mix which is more or less randomly allocated, and lacking an overall well-thought out plan and strategy.
But things may be done differently, communications efficiency can be highly improved, and the consequential results will be considerably better.

Let's consider a different approach.
The Cross Media Approach.

A cross media communications approach utilizes each of the media in the area of their maximum strength, therefore maximizing their effectiveness in the overall strategy. This is our approach.

To employ a successful Communications Plan you need great partners and great ideas.
There are some outstanding Communications Agencies around.
The best ones we recommend are AKQA, London and Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, Germany for the Digital & Interactive Media, Attik Leeds and Attik San Francisco for video productions and print and for the Cross Media approach.

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